i’ve been meaning to write but…

i’ve come up with a lot of excuses why i haven’t in the mean time…

going to freestyle something really quickly, just to get some creative juices flowing.

cathartic. let’s go.



when you mention her, i can see your eyes flash.
hidden memories become unattached
from the chains in your forgotten place.
memories you’ve pushed far away,
to help you move forward and forget her face.
yet you drop these memories like they were just yesterday,
you smile and deep down your heart fades back
to that “one time” when she was still yours

and you were hers and things were perfect.

and when you snap out of that trip,
your eyes finally recognize what you have in front of you:
a girl willing to give you everything she has
if you could just let go of what you used to have,
if you could just keep the past in the past.
you don’t realize how much it hurts
to have a lover digging up the dirt,
for buried bones of a former love that passed.


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