Let’s see… It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on the goings on of my life. As sluggo of Atmosphere put it: “life, love, stress, and set backs for those try a breeeeeeathe’. Lol

I’ve been official with the boy for a month now. Kind of weird, adjusting to the not single lifestyle is difficult for the both of us. I mean this in terms of having to consider someone else other than yourself. Neither of us want to hook up with others, we just aren’t good with emotionally dealing with the ones we’re intimate with lol. We’re serious with each other. He’s fallen kind of hard rather quickly but some times those are the most passionate relationships.

He is a few years older than and has been through different experiences than I have. Because of this, I find myself learning from him, like different ways to approach situations and how to deliver honest thoughts in a constructive way. I’ve discovered things that I need to work out, perhaps remnants of the dysfunction of my past relationships.

Good relationships help a person to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. And if it’s really good, you’ll grow physically together as well. The boy and I love hikes and working out. We try to fit them in as frequent as possible. Right now my back is out due to an injury at work so I’ve been keeping my physical movement to a minimum lol.

I’m sure he is learning a lot to. He told me that I help him to be a better person. I’m not sure if all guys tell their gfs or appreciate their gfs for the same reason but it sure is nice to hear. He told me that I make him want to do nice things for other people. He is a really sweet guy with a big heart.

I dislike how firm he is with his dog. But I can’t really vocalize that. I haven’t had a dog of my own yet and I’m sure he knows Burt like the back of his hand.

Anywho. Too tired to keep writing. Nap time before I continue the job hunt. I have work at 5 and then I’m off until Sunday! Can’t wait to spend Friday and Saturday with the boy.<!–


i’ve been meaning to write but…

i’ve come up with a lot of excuses why i haven’t in the mean time…

going to freestyle something really quickly, just to get some creative juices flowing.

cathartic. let’s go.



when you mention her, i can see your eyes flash.
hidden memories become unattached
from the chains in your forgotten place.
memories you’ve pushed far away,
to help you move forward and forget her face.
yet you drop these memories like they were just yesterday,
you smile and deep down your heart fades back
to that “one time” when she was still yours

and you were hers and things were perfect.

and when you snap out of that trip,
your eyes finally recognize what you have in front of you:
a girl willing to give you everything she has
if you could just let go of what you used to have,
if you could just keep the past in the past.
you don’t realize how much it hurts
to have a lover digging up the dirt,
for buried bones of a former love that passed.

It’s the second day of 2014

in a minute it’ll be over and gone.
Gone. Like the rain drops on the wind shield,
As I’m speeding down the freeway.
Icy cold veins causing emotional delay.
It’s either my way or the high way,
But u treat me like a princess,
From the second we first kissed
Sparks flew, it was electric…
There’s no way I could regret this.
And even tho I’m a bad girl,
I promise to reform for this new world,
To be a better woman to you,
To motivate but not to push you,
To encourage, not to rush you,
To listen, not to hush you,
To support and always trust you.
And you say you understand if I would want someone else,
U don’t see the value I see in urself.