i love how…

no one ever reads this. so i can pretty much write whatever the fuck i want.

short day today. so i’m already home from work. wondering what i should do with the rest of my day.

laundry, for sure.

work out, definitely.

but other than that, i guess i’ll try not stuffing my face with junk food. sounds harder thank you think.

i’m really excited for this weekend! i have social plans!! yay! with my sister (and company), my roommate (and company), and a coworker (and company). should be interesting. lol. i know a lot of people are against mixing different social groups together but right now i feel like the more, the merrier. i really don’t have a best friend right now so i feel like it’s every man (or woman) for himself. if that makes sense? lol. i’m so used to hanging around with couples or at least with girls who have SOs.

on saturday, i’m meeting up with the management from work. really excited about that. i got promoted for the winter season to a sales lead, thank fucking god. even if it’s temporary, at least it’s a change and i will have some sort of line of authority. 


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