i’m hell on heels and baby, i’m coming for you

guys with egos are the easiest guys to get rid of. most of the girls you talk to may think the opposite: a guy with an ego will never give up on a girl who rejects him. but that’s the key, you never really reject him. importantly, don’t let him get any either. just keep him at bay, lead him on. guys with egos hate complacency. in order to get rid of a man with an ego, just ignore him. he may not get the hint but will have no doubt found an easier woman to conquer while waiting for you. 

too many women make the mistake of dating men who view women as conquests and others make the mistake of dating men who jump into relationships… these women are unaware that these type of men are settling, using their “gf”s as an easy hook up, or as something to fill that void eroded away by a recent break up. these women end up in shitty relationships with shitty boyfriends, heart broken forever. these women do this to themselves. these women, like the men they date, have a corroded self-image.

i used to get asked from men why i was single, a lot. many may think this as a compliment–wondering how I, a girl composed of such seemingly ideal material for a girl friend, was uncommitted to any one. it’s because i was never really myself, because i was too shy that these guys wouldn’t like who i really was. i always said the right things. not because i genuinely believed them, but because i knew thats what these guys wanted to hear.

men don’t ask me this anymore because they don’t have the need to anymore. i’ve been single so long that i’ve learned to love myself. i no longer fake a muse’s vision. i’m so honest and forthcoming; my actions speak my motives. i’m single because i’m a woman who respects herself enough to wait for the right man. i’m single because i know my self worth and what i deserve in a partner. i don’t have a blackhole in my heart anymore.

so now when i meet guys, i don’t pretend to be the perfect girlfriend. i don’t ever settle for the guy who’s just settling for me. i speak my mind, be cordial when they theirs, and [try to] relax in the company of a new, and quite often different, soul.

it’s late. rambling thoughts now… must sleep. good night!


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