productive day

munched out. worked out. did a few LAB chapters.

can’t wait to move up north! :)


haven’t seen you in a while…

whoa. it’s been a really long time since i’ve last posted. freakishly long. so much has happened that i don’t really feel like rehashing any of it. going zen, you know? living in the now…

i will say that i currently have a clove of raw garlic wedged up my cooch as a preventative (and homeopathic) measure for yeast infections. way too many late nights with jew boy. he smokes cigarettes. i’m almost positive that’s what threw off the harmonious ecosystem of my glory hole. going to target later to buy some OTC meds… can’t let loose knowing a garlic clove could just fall out at any second.

currently procrastinating (what else is knew?) my last class before i can actually receive my diploma. as much as i hate it, i am so fucking grateful that my professor let me do this. she rocks. my school rocks. i rock. life rocks. 

my last post was incredibly way too emo… as all good poetry should be. i haven’t been writing any poetry as of late… i did, however, freestyle a rap inside of my head the other night as i was smoking a joint on the beaches of Costa Mesa at about 2 in the morning. can’t remember a thing though… but it was good. trust me.

just fed the dog. it’s windy out. and sunny. a little hot but perfect for a nice jog. i’ll go at 6:30. i’m promising myself.

as each day goes by, i realize how much closer i am to moving out. i do realize that i could have moved out ages ago… but i’ve enjoyed living at home way too much. now that i’m 22 though, i do realize that i need my own space. lots of it. far away from my mother. don’t get me wrong, i love that woman to death… but the last thing i want to do is be smothered in motherly affection during my walk of shame through the house at 6 AM.

boys. boys. all types of boys. black, white, puerto rican, chinese boys. lol not really doe. mostly white guys. in fact, all white guys. where did i last leave off on my dating life? can’t remember. definitely pre-Tinder, that’s fasho.

so Tinder. it’s a mobile app that links through Facebook to verify your name, age, pictures, and existence. it also uses your mobile location to find “matches” that are close to you. this app lets you specify the ages of the people you want to show on your feed and the radial distance they are from you. 

it’s so much fun cause you can just oogle at the opposite sex all day! swipe left for losers and swipe right for yummy studmuffins. lol. i sound pathetic.

i’ve met [in real life] about 7 people from there. Adam was too short, Kevin was fucking BORING, Tommy was strung out on adderall, Michael still lived at home, Joshua is the jew i’m currently fucking, Tony is the transplant from Florida who is also short but has money so i’m riding it out, and Julian is the adorable indie boy from Colorado that i’m desperately in love with but he knows i’m moving away soon.

i figure 7 is a good number. so i deleted my Tinder but still have a few floaters… those are dudes i met through the app but haven’t actually met IRL.

it’s fun and exciting. i get free drinks and free food most of the time. but i’m slowly getting over it and i’m wanting something more serious. (yeah, right.) lol.

anyways… i’m over this blogging thing right now. i should redownload my WP app on my phone so i can blog whereever i may be…..


au revoir my little chickadees <3