so… i totally didn’t get accepted into the internship of my dreams. i had positive feedback; apparently i’m an “excellent candidate”… however there is just not room for me.

kinda totally super bummed. but i’m trying to remain positive on this whole topic. i’m sure that there is something else planned for me instead of that internship. and instead of dwelling on how much rejection sucks, i can at least resign to the fact that i applied.

school has been crazy but i spoke with a professor of mine and i am so grateful that she was understanding of my position.

boys are FUCKING STUPID. i’m so over them. i have a date next tuesday with a man who i hope proves to be worthwhile… at least financially. fuck. i’ve decided to cut my own heart out and eat the piece of shit because all it does it screw me over. stone cold katy. i’m a fucking vicious man eater and i don’t give two fux. lulz.

must do homework, now. au revoir.


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