L. de Leon

Now, this is a funny story. You may be thinking, “Holy shit, this girl lost her virginity to her cousin!” and I don’t blame you because the coincidence of sharing a surname is uncanny. So let’s see…. Where do I start?

He went to West Covina High School and I to Covina High School (go Colts!). Super handsome guy and really sweet, too. I think we met online or through some mutual friends. Keep in mind that the year was 2006, I was 15.

Anyways, I was out with my best friend at the time C. Carrillo, who was 16. She was like theeee coolest chick. We had become super close in middle school and my freshman and sophomore year we were inseparable. She really opened up my mind to a lot of things like pot and alcohol and art and individuality. I became a really beautiful adolescent because of her. She’s an awesome person. We still talk and she’s doing fab, but that’s kinda besides the point. (No offense, Pooh Bear!)

So we were at Regal Cinemas in West Covina, also known as “The Lakes” to anyone wishing to blur the lines of refinement. We had probably gotten high after a movie in a back alley near the local Carls Jr. It was either a Friday or a Saturday night.

We were sitting in a random gazebo across the street from the theaters on some wooden benches. Thin vines with white flowers had laced themselves up the legs of the gazebo. It was peaceful. If i remember correctly, it was late summer and fall was approaching. So it was a tad chilly at night but not completely unbearable without a sweater.

I had been texting this guy named Eddie all night. However, I really wanted to see his best friend L. They met up with us at the gazebo and we hung out for a little while. We shared awkward small talk and even-more-awkward eye contact. I’m not really sure what had come over me–maybe it was the fact that my best friend had already lost her virginity and I wanted to already, too. Or maybe it was the fact that i was wearing my new neon yellow, lace cross-back bra from Victoria Secrets and i really wanted to show it off to someone. Anyways, I told them that we were getting picked up shortly by my father and that they should just come over to my house later, after everyone was asleep.

At this time, my parents were beginning to separate… still lived together but totally didn’t sleep together, if you know what I mean. So i knew that they had bigger issues in their own lives to take care of that stay up and keep tabs on their youngest daughter and her best friend.

They agreed.

When C and I got home, my parents immediately fell asleep. I turned on the central air conditioner to help muffle any noise. I decided to raid my parent’s alcohol cabinet by taking a little bit everything in a big cup and mixing it with some orange juice concentrate and water. Between the two of us we had a 2 gallon cocktail with tequila, cooking liqueur, and rum. Not bad for high schoolers.

We lit candles, drank, and listened to music in my room. I can’t even remember what kind of music we listened to at this time–probably some hardcore metal stuff like As Blood Runs Black or Antagonist. Soon I got a call from Eddie. They had taken a taxi cab to my house. Fuckin’ awesome.

He was tall–half filipino and white just like me. He had dark hair, brown eyes, and a strong jaw line. He wrestled for this high school, I think. But he dressed like a skater. His thick black hair was short but long enough to hold onto.

Anyways, we invited them in through my window. We shared our orange juice concoction and pretty soon we were all sorts of drunk. L and I got the bed since it was my room and C took a blanket and laid down with Eddie on the floor at the foot of my bed. You may be thinking, ‘How selfish!’. But okay, my room had a nice fluffy floor rug and my bed had a huge footboard that shielded everything both ways.

They didn’t have condoms.

I stopped everything and told them that it was not going to happen unless they had condoms. Luckly, there was a Sav-on just up the block from my house. Open 24-7 and within walking distance.

They were off! And snuck back through the window greeted happily by their patient lovers lol.

It hurt. But he was very sweet.

I think they may have slept a little bit there before taking a taxi cab back home.

He eventually moved away with this family to–get this–Katy, Texas. The coincidences are almost too weird.


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