full on chill mode

skizzy on blast, thinking bout my past

delusional waves ride me into your sand

the minutes seem to lag

i keep getting pushed back

thinking that what u want is all i seem to lack

never’s worse than later

but i can’t keep on waiting

a culmination of my spirit, my bones and their hatred

but when i doubt what i can do thats when i wanna fall…

take it all back just to have it all

your mind is something i cant erase

makes me feel my heart ouf of place

and i cant keep wondering what are we made of

two hearts, one beat and a bunch of tiny atoms

i had sex in a glass and i drank til it went black

not on the same page so i keep turning

but new leaves cant erase what we had

and i know i dont have a plan

but i’d like to take it all back


skizzy mars – tara

awesome rapper i’ve just discovered via G-eazy. G-eazy has been featured in Skizzy’s songs and vice versa. have listened to G since 09 and some of Skizzy’s beats sound like they could be made by Gerald himself. fully support them both. good job boys!!<3


working on a paper due tomorrow. my class is completely canceled tomorrow. so i only have two classes on wednesday before the weekend! woo hoo!

i have a test on monday I need to prepare for, however. as well a test next wednesday. and another test i’ll have to do some time next week. EEK.

nemo came back into my texting life with the words “i genuinely miss you” all random on thursday night. he can kiss my ass.

some dude from high school is now messaging me on facebook. that is what my love life has dwindled down to… how pathetic. lol.

need face lotion, to finish this paper, to smoke a bowl, and pass the fuck out until morning.

woke up late

this morning. hormonal and worn out.

two more months. i can do this.

every day is a new challenge.


going to take the daiz for a walk and the get ready to head out to LV.

today is beautiful.


so… i totally didn’t get accepted into the internship of my dreams. i had positive feedback; apparently i’m an “excellent candidate”… however there is just not room for me.

kinda totally super bummed. but i’m trying to remain positive on this whole topic. i’m sure that there is something else planned for me instead of that internship. and instead of dwelling on how much rejection sucks, i can at least resign to the fact that i applied.

school has been crazy but i spoke with a professor of mine and i am so grateful that she was understanding of my position.

boys are FUCKING STUPID. i’m so over them. i have a date next tuesday with a man who i hope proves to be worthwhile… at least financially. fuck. i’ve decided to cut my own heart out and eat the piece of shit because all it does it screw me over. stone cold katy. i’m a fucking vicious man eater and i don’t give two fux. lulz.

must do homework, now. au revoir.