love life update

haven’t blogged in a while… and i really need to procrastinate and Watch What Happens Live can only do so much to help. Brandi from RHOBH (my favorite housewife show and my favorite show in general) is the guest. I love her.

so my boy toy is officially off of my list. not sure quite what happened but i’ve found myself bored by doing the same old, same old with him. the sex is amazing but that’s all there is to our relationship. i’m not looking for anything serious but i’d like a little more substance if i’m going to be spending a good amount of our time together. our conversations are dull; he seems so one-dimensional and i don’t think he really understands what type of girl i am and where i’m coming from. on top of that, it doesn’t seem like he wants to put in the effort to know any of those things. i’m better off without him. i’ve done better, i can get better, and i deserve better. cheers to that!!

further more, i’ve met a grad student last weekend at a party. he is adorable and quite the gentleman! he is very fond of communication and is really sweet and seems to appreciate talking to me. he’s tall, dark, and handsome. my favorite thing about him is how mature he seems; he’s 27 and i find that an incredible turn-on! we have a lunch date on thursday! wonder where he’ll take me… i’m pretty excited to see him and figure out if the connection i felt on friday was a real spark or just the tequila.

additionally, alex (see: virgin) texted me out of no where today! a couple of blogs back i wrote about him… he was so cute, and charming, and i REALLY liked him. he says he was just thinking about me today and how much he enjoyed my company. apparently after our weird date all the way back in january, he thought i was “too cool” for him but he admits that that was a “wrong assumption” and i “did nothing to create that impression”. which is why he didn’t text me until months later? hm… peculiar, no? when i asked him what’s changed, he said a few things but mostly that he’s more open-minded. given the fact that i liked everything about him except the fact that his penis has never been inside of a vagina, i’ve agreed to meet with him for drinks on friday after i get off of work. fingers crossed.

other than that, there’s not much news… must work out tomorrow. also, must finish homework now! i have class in the morning.

good night! au revoir, mon ami!


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