took this beautiful pup out for a walk again today. i like taking her to new places to explore. she loves it. today she shat twice. the second shat was super stinks and runnies. anyways, she is such a good dog. here’s a pic from yesterday:Image


what i wore to Imagery Estate Winery…

it was overcast and drizzly–a perfect day to stay inside at the wine bar, make new friends, and eat cheese whose names i can barely pronounce. located in Glen Ellen, California Imagery Estate Winery is the private counterpart to the more commonly known Benzinger Winery. Met a fabulous little Corgi named Carly and a free-spirit named Susanne. our wine-tender named Jen took care of me and Spencer. great way to end a stay in the country side and prep you for the night in the city.

dulce vita boots, american rag skinny jeans, loft shell, loft boyfriend cardigan (not captured), vintage kate hill boyfriend blazer, vintage carryland satchel, loft sunglasses…

forgive the frizzy hair! <3

now i’m off to a hike with a girlfriend of mine! it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other so i’m pretty excited to catch up.

will probably head into la verne later tonight on business.

finally caved and gave Iggy Azalea a listen… I LOVE HER. favorite song right now is “take my picture”.
must wash face.

i feel like a butterfly

breaking out of a cocoon.

or a silk worm, whatever. lol. just took a bath and i am sleepy. have been tired the past few days and i was advised to get some sleep. today was a beautiful day. i got to spend time with my mother, a dear friend, my dog, and my almost step-father. 

i am thankful for everyone in my life who has supported me this far. :)

boys are kinda dumb. taking it easy for a while.

me at 16


holy shit. this is like 5 years old. i know that doesn’t seem like too long of a time ago to some of my readers, but holy shit… for me it feels like forever, relatively speaking lol.

right now i’m in bed… big surprise! haha. ive been lounging for the past day and a half. it’s been amazing and,  frankly, well deserved. my road trip wore me out–i’m still recovering! lol. i’ve been taking countless bubble baths, naps, and well-deserved tokes.

thinking about this blog, i am well aware that there are now a few people who have noticed that this thing actually exists. although my viewership is no where high enough to “put me on the map”, so to speak, it is enough to pose a very important question… Should i censor myself. this blog is not meant to project anything except for myself in my free time. everyone has different personas. one for work, one for school, one for meeting your boyfriend’s parents… this is my persona online, on my private blog that i am well aware is being read on a regular basis. lol.

so… all this really boils down to is…. no i will not censor my blog. hi, guys. i don’t know who you are but i do know that you are reading about me. because i am being so honest as to expose my true self to you, please do not persecute me for my thoughts, actions, or words. feel free to poke around. i’m in the process of making some improvements to my little wordpress :) lol so bear with me while i try to figure this all out.


i got this blog my fall semester of my senior year of college… it was for anthropology course of internet culture. material was dated but the insight that was provided is monumental for social studies of emerging technological cultures. anywho–we had to each have blogs and just post random shit to go through the experience that the people we were studying went through (it’s an anthropology thing).

Long story short (too late!)… I got hooked. Blogs are sick.

i have found

i have found myself on a string of floss.
sliding between teeth.
hugging molars.
cutting open neglected gums.
cleaning out the scummy algae that frames my teeth after i haven’t been home in a few days.

i could picture you here with me.
tugging on the opposite end.
curving around my incisors.
pushing down past my gum line.
loosening the tightness between my teeth when you free some granny smith apple skin.


— yours truly


Holy crap. Have secretly thought that nev and Ian boned each other and now they’re on Andy. I love it!!!!!!!!


love life update

haven’t blogged in a while… and i really need to procrastinate and Watch What Happens Live can only do so much to help. Brandi from RHOBH (my favorite housewife show and my favorite show in general) is the guest. I love her.

so my boy toy is officially off of my list. not sure quite what happened but i’ve found myself bored by doing the same old, same old with him. the sex is amazing but that’s all there is to our relationship. i’m not looking for anything serious but i’d like a little more substance if i’m going to be spending a good amount of our time together. our conversations are dull; he seems so one-dimensional and i don’t think he really understands what type of girl i am and where i’m coming from. on top of that, it doesn’t seem like he wants to put in the effort to know any of those things. i’m better off without him. i’ve done better, i can get better, and i deserve better. cheers to that!!

further more, i’ve met a grad student last weekend at a party. he is adorable and quite the gentleman! he is very fond of communication and is really sweet and seems to appreciate talking to me. he’s tall, dark, and handsome. my favorite thing about him is how mature he seems; he’s 27 and i find that an incredible turn-on! we have a lunch date on thursday! wonder where he’ll take me… i’m pretty excited to see him and figure out if the connection i felt on friday was a real spark or just the tequila.

additionally, alex (see: virgin) texted me out of no where today! a couple of blogs back i wrote about him… he was so cute, and charming, and i REALLY liked him. he says he was just thinking about me today and how much he enjoyed my company. apparently after our weird date all the way back in january, he thought i was “too cool” for him but he admits that that was a “wrong assumption” and i “did nothing to create that impression”. which is why he didn’t text me until months later? hm… peculiar, no? when i asked him what’s changed, he said a few things but mostly that he’s more open-minded. given the fact that i liked everything about him except the fact that his penis has never been inside of a vagina, i’ve agreed to meet with him for drinks on friday after i get off of work. fingers crossed.

other than that, there’s not much news… must work out tomorrow. also, must finish homework now! i have class in the morning.

good night! au revoir, mon ami!