it’s the third week of my last semester of college. today was supposed to be my big day to do things, as it was my day off from class because presidents day. however, i picked up a midday shift at work today and that turned my plans upsidedown. so now tomorrow is my day to do things! i have class in the morning… then i’m off to the library to work on my resume to submit to my prospective internship, edit my lit review for a partner of mine, and do some reading and spanish homework. then i’ll hit the gym. come home and maybe strength train… hopefully take a nap. hit the bank. and then head into work for a closing shift.

right now i’m supposed to be heading to the gym… but i thought i’d give my blog a little lovin’.

yesterday nemo came to pick up his “shit”. lol. he had left his glasses and a hat here months ago and they’ve been in my possession as collateral… a few nights ago, we finally came to terms that we’d probably never start hooking up again. i assume he’s now dating that girl from the instagram and he can assume that i’ve started to sleep with someone else. 

he pulled up in his new harley on a bright sunday morning… i had just finished cleaning my room and i hear the door ring. raisin bounces to the crack in the door as i pull it open and there he is. tall, tan, and buff. he has his dark tinted ray bans on and a classic biker helmet. he also grew out his facial hair into a chin strap. he pulls me in for a hug and hangs on for what seems like hours. we let go and it seems like all of the other times that i’ve greeted him at the door… i turn and he follows me to my room. i quickly give him his stuff and nearly sit down on my bed to invite him into a conversation. i stop myself and push him down the hall way, back towards the front door. i swing it open and let the bright sun hit our legs. he faces me and sticks his right hand into my sweatshirt pocket and gives it a tug. i look up at his face, his sunglasses still on. i want to kiss him as he pulls me closer but i hug him instead. as we part, i bite my lip and look up at him seductively (without intention, mind you… he just puts a spell over me and i can’t help it). “god, you’re so hot.” i compliment him, “you should go.” he gives me one last look… and without saying a word he walk towards his bike. i keep the door open so i can watch him leave one last time. i lean in the door frame and watch him hop onto his harley. he looks at me and gives a blunt wave. i swing my hand once and call my dog inside. raisin pants in towards the cool house and i shut the door. 

and that’s that.

god, nemo. you looked so fucking good! i wanted to just climb on top of you and kiss you right then and there!

i wanted to tell him good luck… or whatever the fuck you say to people whenever you’re breaking up with them. but i suck at that type of stuff….

oh, well. now it’s time to take a crap, find some weed scraps to smoke in my car (LOL–dont judge!), and hit the gym.



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