finding nemo

So… There’s a boy I’ve liked for quite some time. We have been hooking up on and off since May of 2012. We stopped talking once i started dating John, but now that thats over and done with, Nemo and I have started to talk again.

I haven’t actually seen him since the beginning of October. But he sent me a picture of him last night on his new bike… Whoa.

And it’s not only his exotic looks that get me, it’s his sense of humor. He makes me laugh, even through text messages.

The other day, however, after i told one of my best friends that he’s been hitting me up almost every day, she shows me a screen shot of another girl’s Instagram. It’s of her and Nemo.

Not too hurt about this whole situation. I just feel confirmed. Im happy that i had stopped talking to him and i almost broke one of my dating rules! I try not to move backwards. This not only applies physically to guys that I’ve slept with or dated but it also applies to their traits. I’ve dating men that work, go to school, and live on their own all at once. Now that I’ve had a taste of such maturity, i would prefer to not demote myself. So with this entire Nemo incident, i take it as a confirmation that I’ve been making good life choices lol.


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