so january term is over.

i still have final assignments due but i have no more class time! yay :)

january was brutal. but it prepped me for spring. 

this spring i want to graduate, get accepted for an internship, and start to truly live healthily.

this morning i had a breakfast sandwich with a twist… fried roast beef, a scrambled egg, and munster cheese all on a whole wheat english muffin. 

heading to the gym to workout with one of my best girl friends. she says that she needs to talk to me… i’m anticipating what she’s going to say but i’ll never know until we actually talk.

my love life is pretty nonexistent. when i look ahead, i for see a lot of personal growth and my scenery changing… it’s simply not the right time to get emotionally involved. that’s not to say that i don’t have a couple of crushes here and there. i mean that i don’t pursue anything, even when i’m pursued. i wouldn’t say that i’m emotionally numb because i think that would be impossible for a sensitive person such as myself. i think i’m just using my brain a little bit more when it comes to matters of the heart.

anywho… i should change into my gym clothes. first time i’m going in 2 months. too bad 24 Hr Fitness still charges you for the months that you skip.

au revoir mon ami :)<3


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