writer’s block

so, here i am. it’s 7:34, now 7:35 on a Friday night. sure, it’s rainy and i worked a shipment shift today so i’m a little tired… but honestly–i have can’t find some excuse to not write this paper? 

it’s supposed to be a ‘How To…’ paper written in the 2nd person with an opposite POV than the author’s. i.e. because i am a male, i would write something in a female voice. it needs to be six to eight pages long. 



normally, i’m exciting about creative writing! it’s what i do for fun–my blog. my blog holds my thoughts, my poems, my rants, my psychoanalyses of chicks that i’ve dated… but personal stuff to talk about and the speakers of my pieces are always myself. which is something i’m learning that I really need to play with. that’s the point of having an opposing POV in this ‘How To…’. i think that’s why i’m struggling with this. 

how do i write in a girl’s perspective? i don’t know what the hell it’s like to be a girl, a woman. i could pretend to be my mom… no, that’s too sensitive and i don’t wanna dive that deep. my sister? no, she’s a total bitch. that cute girl in my writing class? yeah, it could be cool to pretend to be her… it would be pretty fun really, since i have no idea what the hell she’s like. i’m way too afraid to actually talk to this chick. she totally wants it though, as least sometimes i feel like she does. i wonder where she’s from. dude, if she was from out of state or something that would be so freakin’ hot. cause i’m from around here, Huntington to be exact, and I could basically just show her around. she’d be so impressed. Oh shit, wait. What if she’s older and wants to hit the bars?

Shit. I’m not 21 yet. Seven more months though, almost. Going to vegas with my bros to celebrate. I’m stoked. I have cousins who own time shares out there so it should be pretty crazy. Anyways, fuck. I’ll just steal Justin’s ID. He’s well over 21 and I could totally pull off his look. I’ll just grow my hair out a bit, so it’s a little bit curly, and start working on my chest and lats more.

Mom will hate that I’m growing my hair out. But, fuck it. I’ve moved out now! 


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