today i left like

i was missing something. it started when i woke up. my eyes peeled open to a blurriness of which i had become accustomed to. i reached for my phone underneath my pillow and shut my left eye as i curiously drew the phone inches away from my face to check the time. 

my flannel bedsheets, my wool plaid blankets, and my white down comforter had contorted themselves during my slumber. pushing them behind me, i heaved myself out of bed. i felt bloated. my abdomen was heavy with munches from the night before.

in less than three steps, i was at my desk. the wooden floor groaned as i dragged the legs of my comfortable desk chair to make room for me. i dropped down onto the fauna-embellished chair. i sat there, at my desk, in a haze. my right hand rest in my lap and my left hand was finger the crust away from my new ear piercing. it still hasn’t healed all of the way.

to be continued :)


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