do women trim their arm hairs?

i’m only wondering because i recently stopped shaving my arms maybe a few months ago, or so… way too much effort. anyways, my arm hair is growing out and it’s totally weird! i haven’t seen these bad boys in years… at this length anyway.

started jan term. taking two classes that total up to 5 units. intro to creative writing 201 and an ethnographic film class. pretty stoked about both classes. took creative writing as a fun, easy A. turns out it’s a lot more work than i had anticipated–but more work in a good way. i can feel my brain being refreshed, rejuvenated with a new vigor for mental activity. i’ve been used to the same old, boring, factual writing that i forgot about the art of my passion. the art of words. for so long i’ve been told to neglect flowery vocabulary and get straight to the point- define, conceptualize, get precise. and with this class i’m told to embellish! i’m told to decorate, to paint a vision with my pen.

i’m in the library. stabbing the keyboard furiously. i can hear the murmurs (sp?) of the man in the cubicle across from me. i’d be able to see his ashy elbows bounce around the edges of his computer screen would there not be a boundary of plywood between us. my white headphones snake down my chest…

that’s me, testing out my use of imagery. i’ll stop there LOL.

god, my writing skills are out of shape.

listening to Local Natives. they have two shows this months. one’s at The Observatory (where i saw The Misfits and The Neighbourhood, although they were in the constellation room–a smaller, subsection of The Observatory). both of them are sold out. how unfortunate :(

enough procrastination. more homework.

katy rose


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