i just got home from a date. I know, i know–just got home at 6:30 i the morning?! Sounds worse than it really is.

So this guy Alex… Let’s see. I met him on a pretty popular (as well as free) dating website. This was in the beginning of this past October. He was the first one i connected with and set up an actual date with. We exchanged phone numbers and i ended up deleting my profile for various reasons.

I ended up bailing on him last minute… In favor of going out with a guy named John who, by the way, turned out to be a total tool. But that’s a whole different post… See: dude with emotional issues. Anyways, Alex seems to be understanding of my excuse but backs off.

A couple of weeks later, Alex and i somehow have plans to hang out again. Only this time he bails last minute–due to a car issue. I tell him that i completely understand and hope he’s okay. Meanwhile, im still infatuated with the “classy” version of The Situation (his words, not mine. If that wasnt a red flag, i dont know what is) so it doesn’t bother me too much because i was planning on bailing again. We part ways.

A couple of weeks ago, he texts me. Cut to the chase: We end up with plans for after the new year.

The plans fall through beautifully and he turns out to be this super adorable guy. I’d list his attributes but those are things I’ll keep for myself… It’s always nice to keep a little something for yourself especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

However… He drops the bomb on me (after we get back to his apartment of course) that he’s waiting for the right woman to have sex with. Yup, that’s right. He still has his V-card.

We just kissed and slept in bed together… Or at least that was the plan. Apparently i kept snoring and keeping him up lol. And i was freezing and didnt take off my makeup. So i had him take me back to my car at about 5 am.

At that point he totally flipped and drew inward. I think he was hurt or felt judged by me. Or perhaps he was tired and cold and not up for talking. But i can only speculate…

Anyways, got home around 6. Fed raisin and finally ate longanisa my sister had purchased when she was down visiting with Chris for the holidays. With rice. And an over easy egg. Yum.

Anywho, im getting sleepy…… Good night world :)


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