over this past semester, i’ve come to realize how much i’ve missed blogging. i used to blog all of the time back in middle school and even throughout high school for a couple of years. once i started to grow up, i focused too much on the things outside of me… like love, school, and my social life. because of this, i didn’t really take any time to separate my personas and reflect on what it all meant. blogging allows me to gain introspection. it’s modern day journaling only without the nagging suspicion that your sister is reading your diary… because with blogging you know for a fact she can (and is, in my case… hi, rach! lol)

right now i am stressed over spring semester. i need to register for three classes in order to graduate on time and i’m worried i’ll be denied. a month ago, i thought i was graduating in fall 2013. i have been planning my life with the notion that i’d be at la verne for one more year. when i saw my advisor last week, she notified me that i could graduate in spring if i took a full course load. i was shocked. 

this is something i want more than anything in my life right now.

the past semester, i’ve been really confused. i won’t lie, i lost hope. i honestly though i’d be in college forever… the idea of being a super senior was horrifying. now that i see the light at the end of the tunnel, i feel rejuvenated. the spark of hope is rebuilding my ambition. i’m not worried about taking a full-load… i know i can do it. i know i can graduate in spring if they just give me my classes. 

so it’s safe to say that it all comes down to the system. i hate the idea of my destiny being out of my control due to scheduling/registration technicalities. 

everyone… anyone who’s reading this… please send good thoughts my way!!!!


One thought on “carrot

  1. Good thoughts sent your way! I understand the feeling. I loved college my freshman year when I went to SFSU, but I didn’t have to work so I got all my school work done then just partied and hung out and went on adventures in the city. Now that I am working, taking care of a baby, and going to school, I want school to be over and it just seems like it’s dragging on. So again, I understand the feeling.

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