Misfits concert

Misfits played at the observatory in Santa Ana a couple of Sundays ago. Went with a couple girlfriends of mine. Different crowd than the ones from shows that i typically frequent… What i mean to say is that the misfits crowd is definitely not mainstream. That being said, the sense of community that i felt among the fans was genuine! People were so friendly even though they looked a little intimidating to me at first. Funny how things work out like that some times… Best part of the night was dancing with my girls… And arlene suddenly growing a pair and suggest we go down into the pit. (A mosh pit… Full of men punching and kicking the air all while moving in a circle, like water going down a drain.) Jess and i, clearly not in the right state of mind, whole heartedly agree!!! We head into the pit, holding each others hands like the girly girls that we are, and soon Jess gets shoved into the pit! Im trying to hang out and we have a titantic moment and i lose her!!! Arlene and i freak but decide to wait. Jess comes out of no where 20 seconds later, grabs up, and we bolt up the stairs out of the pit… We have a laughing fit for at least 5 minutes! Way too funny :)




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