ah… yes…

today’s my first day off since last sunday… it feels nice to have the entire day to take care of things that i’ve been putting off. like sleeping in, make-up shopping–i may even get a massage.

i have three papers due next week and an exam. i have one paper done and i’m about to start on another. should be quick… once that’s done i have the rest of the evening and tomorrow to work on my last paper and study.

i saw my cousin last night. we went out for dinner and had much needed bonding time. i’m only 6 months older than her, so it’s really nice to have family that i’m close with. we have different personalities but we get along really well. i’m happy to have reconnected with her over the summer.

i’m feeling a little apathetic towards my friends. i know that sounds horrible to say… but i have so much going on and our interests are pretty polar. it’s hard to intern, work, and be a full time student… and when i have friends who only have to devote their time to school or only have to devote their time to work, scheduling becomes a huge problem. as does priorities. i’ve noticed that i’ve just been unable to hang out with them so much due to other things going on that it’s become the norm. so much so that they now assume that i have other plans. oh well, it is what it is. i do have other plans but it just makes me sad to see my friends go out and have fun without me :/ i read that that’s a byproduct of social networking sites–the fear of missing out is legitimate. what happens is that people go on sites like Facebook or Twitter, witness others having “so much fun”, and question themselves as to why they’re stuck at home on their computer? kinda feeling like that right now… 

ew. how depressing. lol

anyways, todays a beautiful day. it’s cold and sunny. i love it :)

have to do the dishes… make breakfast… write paper… take a shower… get ready… go make-up shopping (yay!)… lunch?… work out?… start on last paper…  then who knows what time it’ll be and how i’ll feel.

i almost planned to take shower before my paper… but i’d figure that i’d use hygiene as a motivation to complete the paper. lol. 



One thought on “ah… yes…

  1. I love that you said you used hygiene as motivation! Made my day. I definitely use rewards with myself after like every paragraph/page I wrote. So glad you do too!

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