voxhaul broadcast – turn the knife

saw this band live on tuesday night at The Federal Bar in NoHo…. AMAZING. so much better live, which is hard to say because the ep and album i have are simply amazing… check out their songs “loose chains” (kind of acid, bluesy rock–really makes you wanna dance and they got super into this song live), “leaving on the 5th” (chillout indie), and “lost control” (happy indie). this song, “turn the knife”, is their most popular song and they opened with it. definitely not their strongest song and it’s great because they have a pretty diverse range of stuff that they play, definitely not as diverse as bands like gotye though, whose songs ALL sound like they come from a completely different artist. but yeah, go ahead, give them a listen. :)

they headlined that night and the band that played before them was gliss…. front woman who played guitar/bass…. a guitarist. and a percussionist who stood and sang. trippy indie… really good beats but hard to understand her lyrics. reminded me a bit of Phantogram (which is a great compliment seeing as how that’s one of my top all time favorite bands.)

this weekend i’m hoping to see minus the bear or the misfits. not sure. happy sunday!


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