passive aggression…

what the fuck is up with that shit? like honestly… it’s confusing as fuck!!!!! one minute you’re “cool” and the next your panties are all twisted. talk about mixed messages…

i’ll be honest. i’m guilty of being passive aggressive… but i work REALLY hard and make a conscious effort to try to communicate my emotions… instead of letting them build until they burst.

last night on halloween i invited a guy to come meet my friends and i at a bar in hollywood. he happily agreed and i kinda made my friends lag a bit so he could catch up to us……. had a fun night, left the bar, hit a party, grabbed some late night pho… and when push came to shove, my friend decided she did not want him to come into apartment. which i have no problem with, i totally understand and i’m the type of friend who puts my friends BEFORE any guy i’m starting to date. turns out… this guy gets totally pissed and i tried to ease him into the idea that we were parting ways… with verbal cues such as “are you okay to drive home right now?”…. he storms off… we all go inside… minutes later i get a text from him saying “thanks for wasting my time” and another text saying “i knew it was a bad idea to go out with you and your friends”…. followed by a call. all of which i do not answer or reply to because like DUH. i don’t really have to put up with anyones bull shit. the following day, today, he texts me followed by a phone call to apologize… he wants to take me out on a more of a one on one type of scene…. but after all his passive aggression I CANT EVEN DEAL. like honestly……… grow up. stick with one emotion cause i really don’t have the time in my life to try to keep up with your mood swings. 


3 thoughts on “passive aggression…

  1. first of all:
    what a weenie to be texting you in such a manner. obviously not very in control of himself to act so rashly and immaturely.

    however, i kinda feel bad for the guy. was it obvious that there would be a point in the night that he would need to leave? taking the romance out of the equation, it wasn’t really nice to just expect him to leave because your friend didn’t want to hang out with him. if your friend had circumstances that made his presence awkward sure, he should leave, but if you guys are just continuing to have a good time and he needs to leave just because, that’s not very nice.

    • i was already plastered by the time i had invited him to hang out with us… so i can’t really say that there was a clear cut decision that we would end up splitting ways. but i’m sure it would be safe to assume that? it was around 2 in the morning by the time we got back to the apartment so sleep was on our agenda

  2. oh that’s on him then. i thought you guys were like having an after party at the apartment and he was just not invited.

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