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 i just found out that my best friend’s mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

keep in mind that about 6 months ago, a childhood friend of mine’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. since then it has metastasized and her gross motor has deteriorated severely… she can no longer walk. 

i’m so sad. i don’t know how to feel. i feel sad, almost angry with confusion and despair. why does this happen? these are amazing women who are loved so dearly. they are two amazing women who are needed by their youngest daughters because thats all of their parents that they have

and then i feel remorseful for being sad… almost as if i’m being selfish with my feelings because i know my friends and their mothers need me right now to be strong and positive. 

i am thankful for my health, for the health of my parents, for the health of my friends, and for the love and support they have given me through everything. now it’s my turn to return everything that has been given to me. 


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