Its been a while…

Who knew blogging could be so tiring?

Im currently at a trailhead, waiting for my best friend to arrive so we can start celebrating dusk…..

I went on a date last night. For the first time in a long time, i was actually nervous! It felt good, in a weird, unexpected sort of way. Went for dinner, then a comedy show, all accompanied by a couple of beers. A good time was had!

Dating is so weird! Everyones in a race to get paired up with someone, to leave their circle of friends and hunker down in a self-absorbed exclamation of success found within monogamy. Not sure that im there yet…. Not that im saying i wont ever be there, i just havent found the right person whos worth it enough to eliminate all other options..

Hm, its 5:30 and my friends still not here. Think ill give her a call…

Til next time!


2 thoughts on “Its been a while…

  1. I cant remember the last time i went on a date….my son is eight now plus the five years i was with his father…..yeah its been a while. Now i cant even think about going on a date, i got use to being alone. I kinda like it, it only sucks when i hagout with my friends who are married and i am the only single one there.

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