the tides keep rolling in…

the ocean curls it’s lips over the sand

crashing into the grains in a prophetic rhythm

i sit along the shore and watch the foam bubble around my ankles

sliding over my tattoo, my veins, my silver toe-ring from venice

i’m cold, the hair on my arms is raised and i have goose pimples all over

my salty mane has snarled into itself, like an angry vine

or like my tangled earbuds after i stash them in my purse 

the melody of the aquatic symphony before me indulges my senses 

and i feel

i feel divinely selected to sit upon the edge of california,

los angeles toes dipped into the same water that touches the bodies of fisherman in palawan when they’re reeling in their nets

i feel thankful

los angeles smog in my valley girl lungs, over looking the waters where ships have sunk

i feel alive to be pleasured in such a simplistic way


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