So apparently i can blog from my phone…

super convenient!

It is so freaking hot! Im practically melting…

I have so much to do but even just thinking about it all makes me feel overwhelmed. I spend my days off from school at my internship or at work or driving in between the two places. I feel like i hardly have any time for myself some times. So i guess thats what im doing right now, carving time out of my sunday to be lazy! Like ellen degeneres said, “procrastinate now!” haha

I havent been to a show in quite a while…. I miss dancing to live bands, discovering new music, exploring new venues and cities. A couple of artists im interested in are playing at the glasshouse soon… Should probably look into that some more.

I cant believe its september already! What in the world!? I dont even want to dive into the topic of time–ill end up in an existential crisis! Haha.

I am craving some home made filipino food!!! I am slightly hungover and sinigang sounds amazing right about now. Ill post a recipe for it later. To make it, i have to drive to a filipino market over 30 minutes away!! Life is rough… Lol just kidding.

I am truly grateful to have family and friends like mine. Life has tested me, like it tests everyone… And id like to believe im passing with flying colors. We all make mistakes sometimes but i honestly believe its about how we deal with those mistakes–what do i take away from them? What can i learn from them? It takes a lot to divert frustration and anxiety and transform it into something positive, like determination or passion and excitement. Id like to consider myself lucky because of circumstances i was born into but at the same time, id like to give myself a little credit too…. I work so hard in all areas of my life and it feels so good to be rewarded for everything positive ive brought upon myself.

I dont understand the people who complain about their lives and yet do nothing to change them. You have to be your own catalyst. No one is going to change your life (for the better) for you. I honestly just dont believe these people are truly bothered by their current condition. Because if they were, theyd make a lifestyle change to improve their overall quality of life.

Life is all about feeling good. Do what makes you happy. Chase what makes you happy. Love what makes you happy…. No one can control the quantity of their life– only their quality.


4 thoughts on “So apparently i can blog from my phone…

  1. In regards to what you said about complainers who do nothing to change their situations, I strongly agree. I wonder if they assume that those that are doing well in life or are making great accomplishments were somehow handed those opportunites and abilities. Maybe they’re waiting for the “accomplishment fairy” to leave all their dreams come true at their doorstep. Haha

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