the tides keep rolling in…

the ocean curls it’s lips over the sand

crashing into the grains in a prophetic rhythm

i sit along the shore and watch the foam bubble around my ankles

sliding over my tattoo, my veins, my silver toe-ring from venice

i’m cold, the hair on my arms is raised and i have goose pimples all over

my salty mane has snarled into itself, like an angry vine

or like my tangled earbuds after i stash them in my purse 

the melody of the aquatic symphony before me indulges my senses 

and i feel

i feel divinely selected to sit upon the edge of california,

los angeles toes dipped into the same water that touches the bodies of fisherman in palawan when they’re reeling in their nets

i feel thankful

los angeles smog in my valley girl lungs, over looking the waters where ships have sunk

i feel alive to be pleasured in such a simplistic way


Happy 21st, Arlene!


my best friend Yvonne and myself! snappin pics before we get destroyed



dinner at Chomp in Fullerton. “it’s not even my birthday”


after dinner… myself, Nicolle, Arlene, Yvonne, and Alina


nother glamour shot….. i’m gonna miss her when she goes back to SB :'(

Spencer! Thanks for everything that night :)

he ladies minus the birthday girl… Where was she?

he beginning of the end….

he end! I spared you all the worst pictures…. but please note the dirt on her elbow and back…. Love this girl. She is a DAB for sure ;) <3

if ignorance is bliss, is the truth really that bad?

i’d much rather someone be upfront to spare me from wasting my time or so that i can address their needs. i’ve always been a firm believer that ‘honesty is the best policy’ but if you can’t communicate your true feelings, how do you expect to build a relationship? honest communication is a fundamental part of being a human being and interacting with others.

i’m a person, too. i have feelings and i deserve to know the truth. it’s not okay to ignore another human being. it’s not okay to dismiss their concerns. and it’s certainly not okay to not speak up about your own feelings; not only does this leave others in the dark about how you really feel but it leaves you unfulfilled as well…

Some pics from the philippines this summer


driving through Makati



in the old, “walled city”



a Jeepney–popular mode of travel!



my tatay (“father” in Tagalog) and my little cousin Lance!



in the province of Nueva Ecija, where my father was born…. you can see a storm coming!



before zipling in Palawan



boarding these boats to take us to the Underground River in Palawan



just after de-boating


beautiful scenery!



took this from a plane–Metro Manila, or as I like to call it: LA on steroids



on a boat heading to Boracay… look at how beautiful the water is!



sunset at Boracay



me on the beach in Station 2, Boracay




backroads in Samar, heading to a resort



my favorite resort in Samar



my first time clubbing in Manila! Sean, myself, Sean’s “almost cousin” (inside joke!) Denzel, and my cousin Maita



dinner with my cousins, my second cousins, my aunt, and my father!



another night out with my cousins…



my cousins Jan, Reese, and Toni! I miss them!



my last night clubbing for my 21st birthday… from left to right: Jod, Daniel, myself, Eric, Ino, Gabby, Nikkie, and Maita

So apparently i can blog from my phone…

super convenient!

It is so freaking hot! Im practically melting…

I have so much to do but even just thinking about it all makes me feel overwhelmed. I spend my days off from school at my internship or at work or driving in between the two places. I feel like i hardly have any time for myself some times. So i guess thats what im doing right now, carving time out of my sunday to be lazy! Like ellen degeneres said, “procrastinate now!” haha

I havent been to a show in quite a while…. I miss dancing to live bands, discovering new music, exploring new venues and cities. A couple of artists im interested in are playing at the glasshouse soon… Should probably look into that some more.

I cant believe its september already! What in the world!? I dont even want to dive into the topic of time–ill end up in an existential crisis! Haha.

I am craving some home made filipino food!!! I am slightly hungover and sinigang sounds amazing right about now. Ill post a recipe for it later. To make it, i have to drive to a filipino market over 30 minutes away!! Life is rough… Lol just kidding.

I am truly grateful to have family and friends like mine. Life has tested me, like it tests everyone… And id like to believe im passing with flying colors. We all make mistakes sometimes but i honestly believe its about how we deal with those mistakes–what do i take away from them? What can i learn from them? It takes a lot to divert frustration and anxiety and transform it into something positive, like determination or passion and excitement. Id like to consider myself lucky because of circumstances i was born into but at the same time, id like to give myself a little credit too…. I work so hard in all areas of my life and it feels so good to be rewarded for everything positive ive brought upon myself.

I dont understand the people who complain about their lives and yet do nothing to change them. You have to be your own catalyst. No one is going to change your life (for the better) for you. I honestly just dont believe these people are truly bothered by their current condition. Because if they were, theyd make a lifestyle change to improve their overall quality of life.

Life is all about feeling good. Do what makes you happy. Chase what makes you happy. Love what makes you happy…. No one can control the quantity of their life– only their quality.